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Do libertarians want this drug legalized?

A friend of mine was recently talking about supporting the libertarian candidate for president but I’m not sure he or even most people are aware of how crazy the libertarian party actually is.

From their own platform:
Repeal all drug laws creating “crimes” without victims

That means legalizing flakka. Read about this drug crime that supposedly didn’t have any victims:
A 19-year-old Florida State University fraternity brother allegedly stabbed a couple to death then tried to eat part of one victim’s face – possibly after taking the synthetic drug Flakka, PEOPLE confirms. 

If you want to make a libertarian squirm just ask them why they think it is a good idea to legalize flakka or crack. Ask they why we should let corporations sell flakka en mass and increase the potency while dropping the price (the natural result of legalizing any drug).

The libertarian ideology at the core is mostly wishful thinking just like liberalism. To believe that our society would be better with Wal-mart selling flakka by the pound is truly delusional. But the libertarian must maintain this belief as it is a core tenet mandated by the ideology. Once people start questioning core components of libertarian thought like open borders, dissolving all environmental regulations or legalized crack the entire ideology becomes suspect.

Libertarianism is not the answer to liberalism. It’s just one form of wishful thinking replacing another. The key to undermining liberalism is through rationalism. Libertarianism is not rationalism. Rationalism means questioning the merits of all sides and taking as many views as possible for issues like drug law. Simply taking the view that they are all bad is not rationalism. That’s a simplistic and childish avoidance of a complex issue. I understand how the two party system can frustrate people but voting libertarian is not the answer.

Which parts of Chicago are safe?

I often see Chicagoans trying to downplay the violence as only being on the South and West sides.

Well this is a disingenuous statement because as you can see from this 4th of July homicide map that there is no East side:


Which parts of Chicago are safe? Most of it is clearly a warzone unless you count the outer burbs.

Speaking of the burbs that is where this anti-gun group decided to hold a protest. Funny how they are protesting a family owned gunshop in safe suburban neighborhood instead going into the areas where the killings are happening. Like the Federal Government these people don’t want to face the reality of the situation and instead try to pretend that it’s simply the existence of guns that are the problem. There are counties where most people own guns and yet do not have homicides on the 4th of July. In fact you can find small towns in the USA where most people own guns and yet there isn’t a recorded homicide. Trying to blame the guns is disingenuous and these protesters are cowardly for not even trying to get close to where the violence is actually occurring.

Liberal Democrat: Congress should have armed protected but not constituents

Listen to Charles Rangel openly state that he should have armed protection but not the people he serves.

This was during an interview on the “Cops on Call” corruption scandal in NYC.

Rangel has been dubbed one of the most corrupt politicians in congress and has admitted to many charges including occupying four separate rent controlled apartments which are supposed to be for families that cannot afford market rates.

Predictably the MSM is not reporting his comments.


Chicago thug gets probation for attempted murder, kills Memphis cop

Well this was bound to happen:

Man With Chicago Ties Charged With Killing Memphis Cop

According to court records, in 2013, Welch pleaded guilty to one count of felony aggravated unlawful use of a weapon in Cook County, and was sentenced to two years’ probation. He later was charged with violating probation, but the case was dismissed.

Felony aggravated unlawful use of a weapon in Cook County is what they give criminals that miss. In most states that would be attempted murder with a minimum 10 year sentence. However Chicago is filled with judges that pity the criminals and don’t want to send them to prison unless they actually kill or rape someone. This woman was caught on camera shooting down a live street and she only got a misdemeanor. 

Of course liberals still want to stick to their narrative of blaming the guns themselves or a “lack of programs” all while attempted murder in Chicago gets you a stern warning. Totally outrageous.

Libertarians oppose Trump and border controls but want legalized crack.

If you have a Libertarian in the office that worships Ayn Rand then print this out this flyer. Most Libertarians are unaware of what their party fully supports or who Ayn Rand really was. The Libertarian party has done a master job at hiding many of their positions from the public. But thanks to the internet we can learn the truth about Ayn Rand and the Libertarian party.

Click below for larger image.

libertarians against trump

1000 shot so far this year in Chicago in the unspoken war

Chicago hit the 1000 mark at a pace not seen in decades. 

Why is this not on the CNN homepage? Or Fox News?

The mainstream media continues to look the other way as Chicago slides towards chaos. It is on the same path as Detroit where widespread violence drives out businesses which then depletes an overburdened government of further revenue.

Chicago is not just another US city. It is the shipping and transport hub of the midwest. Chicago O’Hare is the third largest airport in the US. Chicago is city that is vital to the US economy and should not be allowed to degrade into an abandoned shell of a city like Detroit. Violent crime in Black areas needs to be brought under control not just for the city but for the Black people that live there. Iraq is currently a safe place than Chicago. It is outrageous that our media and government continues to ignore what has effectively become a warzone. This war will only get worse unless our media and governments face this unspoken war and the disastrous polices that led to it.



Chicago teachers strike despite being highest paid in the nation

Chicago teachers are striking and the mainstream media is again refusing to tell the entire story.

No mention that Chicago teachers are the highest paid in the nation.

No mention that 79 percent of Chicago 8th graders are not proficient in reading.

In what other employment sector would such dismal results be rewarded with the highest pay?

Our mainstream media is woefully corrupt as they do not want to tell the entire story in an attempt to push a pro-union and pro-Democrat agenda. The liberal narrative on education simply falls apart when on the facts are on the table.  Their pleads for “more money” may appeal to emotions of parents but a closer look reveals major problems as seen by the fact that DC schools managed entirely by Democrats spends nearly as much per student as Harvard. Corruption is rife in these East Coast cities and it’s a shame that our mainstream media not only supports this corruption but keeps pertinent facts from the public in an effort to maintain the status quo. If it really is “about the children” then let’s look at all the facts and make the best decision. Trying to deceive the public into a specific point of view by withholding facts is tantamount to fraud. The entire mass media industry is a cesspool of corruption and only the internet has allowed its walls of lies and deception to be breached.


Indiana is the new scapegoat for Chicago violence


Chicago supposedly has a gun problem caused by Indiana not having enough gun laws. Print out this flyer and leave it at the office to help de-indoctrinate the public.


Chicago illiteracy rate of 38%

Chicago January shootings highest level in 16 years

Democrat monopoly in Chicago

Chicago remains most corrupt city in America

Chicago Public vs Catholic school spending

Chicago neighborhood homicides compared to Alaska

19% of illegal guns recovered are from Indiana

CNN Town Hall Guns in America transcript

Amidst daily gunfire, Chicago Democrats debate plastic bag ban

In the first 10 days of January more than 100 people were shot in Chicago. Where is the mainstream media? It seems they only show up when there is a police shooting.

In the midst of this gunfire, what are local officials there doing with the time allotted to them by taxpayers to improve the city?  What have they deemed to be a priority worth debating? Banning plastic bags of course.

It seems to me that both the MSM and the Democrats that run Chicago are in complete denial of what is happening there. They are debating plastic bags when a more important question is, why would someone want to open a business in Chicago when practically every block was within a mile of a shooting for the month of January? Why are there $1 lots that are within a few miles of the downtown Chicago? Chicago is our 6th largest export market and there are properties that can be bought for pocket change.

The simple reality is that the high levels of violent crime in these areas are scaring off investors which causes further destabilization. Democrats do not like to lock up minority criminals but they need to consider the cost to these areas by basically letting the gangs runs wild. Take a virtual tour of Englewood for yourself to see all of the abandoned store fronts. This is a neighborhood that is about 20 minutes from the downtown.

Mandatory minimums for violent crimes work because they keep the worst criminals off the streets. It really doesn’t matter if they act as a deterrent or not. What matters is that the criminals cannot continue to commit those types crimes while they are incarcerated. Democrats and liberals need to educate themselves on the reality of psychopaths and how some people really are born bad. Liberal assumptions about society being to blame for all individual problems is proving to be naive. The worst criminals need to be identified and removed from society or they will continue to turn neighborhoods like Englewood into war zones.