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Baton Rouge police shooting

Well 60 people were shot in Chicago over the 4th of July but the mainstream media doesn’t seem to care. Black Lives Matter and other left-wing organizations don’t seem to care either but they are now busy protesting the Baton Rogue shooting of 1 Black man.

Though the video of the Baton Rogue is unsettling I don’t think the officers should be charged with homicide. If an armed felon is resisting arrest and has ignored repeated warnings the police shouldn’t be expected to make sure an actual hand is on the gun before using lethal force. A gun can be drawn and fired in less than a second so we can’t expect officers to wait until the barrel is pointed at them.

But with that said I think the officer panicked which unfortunately happens in this type of a situation. Shooting the suspect multiple times was not needed and though they are trained to shoot center mass until the threat is resolved but perhaps the policy should be changed for this type of a situation so an arm or shoulder shot is attempted first. I realize it is unrealistic to expect police officers to aim for limbs in normal shootouts but at a point blank range it wouldn’t be difficult.