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Chicago Whites have lower murder rate than French

In the establishment media we constantly see comparisons of the US murder rate to that of Europe with the implication  being that our gun laws are to blame. Liberals continually project a narrative where “gun crime” is the problem and that the guns themselves are to blame for Euro/US differences in homicide rates. Never in the establishment media will you see a breakdown of state or racial differences as this would undermine the insinuation that gun ownership correlates with higher than average homicide rates. If gun access is in fact the problem then should we not see higher than average rates compared to Europe across all states and racial demographics where access is equal? The reality is that the liberal narrative of the guns being the overwhelming correlation breaks apart when this question is investigated.

If we look at Chicago murder statistics from 2016 we see that there were 6 cases where the assailant was White/Other. This is quite shockingly low given that there were 803 total homicides in Chicago for 2016. Given the Chicago White population is around 1.2 million this puts the average at less than 1 per 100,000 which is less than that of France.

Though some may find this hard to believe it isn’t far from this report that shows the White NYC murder rate to be 1.3 per 100,000 which is about the same as Ireland.

It is clear that the liberal narrative of guns being the problem is disingenuous when murder rates differ wildly across state and demographic lines. If the mere existence of guns were the problem then US/Europe differences should be consistent.