Ban Assault Pools NOW

It’s a statistical fact that a pool in the home is more likely to lead to accidental death for children under 14 compared to having a gun in the home. This was first pointed out in Freakonomics but here is a complete breakdown of the statistics.


Anyone looking to ban guns needs to first look at America’s unhealthy obsession with pools.

Of course pool nuts in pool-crazy states like California won’t face the facts because they are on the teat of the pool industry lobby.  They won’t face basic facts like how owning a pool increases your odds of drowning by over 5000% compared to a basketball court.

Gun owners can at least claim that their guns can be used in self-defense but what does a pool offer other than family enjoyment or being able to cool down on a hot day? You don’t need either and there are civilized first world countries like Sweden where pools are rare. So why are we allowing these hedonistic Roman era child killers to be legal in our modern society?

Paranoid pool owner nutcases think we want to take their pools away. That’s just paranoid political rhetoric. What we want to do is fill in most pools with concrete and then only allow some pools to be built using specifications and only after the applicant has gone through a full background check and has proven competency in pool knowledge and safety. That’s what we call a common sense fair compromise. Here is a picture of what a common sense safety pool looks like:


Call your local political official today and ask what they are doing to help stop assault pools. No one needs an assault pool and owning one makes you a stupid and hateful person. Let’s stop these horrible pool nuts keep killing our children. Children or pools, which do you want to save?