Do libertarians want this drug legalized?

A friend of mine was recently talking about supporting the libertarian candidate for president but I’m not sure he or even most people are aware of how crazy the libertarian party actually is.

From their own platform:
Repeal all drug laws creating “crimes” without victims

That means legalizing flakka. Read about this drug crime that supposedly didn’t have any victims:
A 19-year-old Florida State University fraternity brother allegedly stabbed a couple to death then tried to eat part of one victim’s face – possibly after taking the synthetic drug Flakka, PEOPLE confirms. 

If you want to make a libertarian squirm just ask them why they think it is a good idea to legalize flakka or crack. Ask they why we should let corporations sell flakka en mass and increase the potency while dropping the price (the natural result of legalizing any drug).

The libertarian ideology at the core is mostly wishful thinking just like liberalism. To believe that our society would be better with Wal-mart selling flakka by the pound is truly delusional. But the libertarian must maintain this belief as it is a core tenet mandated by the ideology. Once people start questioning core components of libertarian thought like open borders, dissolving all environmental regulations or legalized crack the entire ideology becomes suspect.

Libertarianism is not the answer to liberalism. It’s just one form of wishful thinking replacing another. The key to undermining liberalism is through rationalism. Libertarianism is not rationalism. Rationalism means questioning the merits of all sides and taking as many views as possible for issues like drug law. Simply taking the view that they are all bad is not rationalism. That’s a simplistic and childish avoidance of a complex issue. I understand how the two party system can frustrate people but voting libertarian is not the answer.