Which parts of Chicago are safe?

I often see Chicagoans trying to downplay the violence as only being on the South and West sides.

Well this is a disingenuous statement because as you can see from this 4th of July homicide map that there is no East side:


Which parts of Chicago are safe? Most of it is clearly a warzone unless you count the outer burbs.

Speaking of the burbs that is where this anti-gun group decided to hold a protest. Funny how they are protesting a family owned gunshop in safe suburban neighborhood instead going into the areas where the killings are happening. Like the Federal Government these people don’t want to face the reality of the situation and instead try to pretend that it’s simply the existence of guns that are the problem. There are counties where most people own guns and yet do not have homicides on the 4th of July. In fact you can find small towns in the USA where most people own guns and yet there isn’t a recorded homicide. Trying to blame the guns is disingenuous and these protesters are cowardly for not even trying to get close to where the violence is actually occurring.