Crazy liberal logic on the second amendment and abortion

I’ve never understood how liberals can believe that abortion is an unrestricted right even though it isn’t mentioned in the constitution, while they view the second amendment as something that is subject to restrictions based on their whims and emotions. The press is currently celebrating the Texas abortion ruling while at the same time demanding new restrictions on guns. Have they not read the constitution? The “shall not be infringed” is very clear while there isn’t one word on abortion. But in the liberal mind a 9 month abortion is a constitutional right while it’s perfectly fine to create new restrictions for gun owners as California is currently doing.

I actually don’t think abortion should be illegal. My take is that the women that get abortions are disproportionately liberal and they would probably just go to Canada or Mexico if it were illegal in the US. So while I’m fine with it being legal I also think it is incredibly deluded to believe that abortion is a constitutional right that should have fewer restrictions than guns, even though the people that wrote the constitution stated in plain English that the second amendment is not to be infringed.

If you talk to liberals about this contradiction you will find that they don’t have an answer which isn’t surprising since liberalism as an ideology isn’t thought out. It’s more of an metropolitan egalitarian cult that serves as a religion for urban Whites. It borrows heavily from Marxism which was never fully thought out either. Liberalism relies heavily on an emotional adherence from its followers and breaks apart under the critical analysis.  Though I’m sure liberals will assume I am trying to promote conservatism but in reality I would like to see more independent thinking and outside the box solutions. I would like people think about these issues for themselves not fall into what is really illogical group think.


Liberal Democrat: Congress should have armed protected but not constituents

Listen to Charles Rangel openly state that he should have armed protection but not the people he serves.

This was during an interview on the “Cops on Call” corruption scandal in NYC.

Rangel has been dubbed one of the most corrupt politicians in congress and has admitted to many charges including occupying four separate rent controlled apartments which are supposed to be for families that cannot afford market rates.

Predictably the MSM is not reporting his comments.


Chicago thug gets probation for attempted murder, kills Memphis cop

Well this was bound to happen:

Man With Chicago Ties Charged With Killing Memphis Cop

According to court records, in 2013, Welch pleaded guilty to one count of felony aggravated unlawful use of a weapon in Cook County, and was sentenced to two years’ probation. He later was charged with violating probation, but the case was dismissed.

Felony aggravated unlawful use of a weapon in Cook County is what they give criminals that miss. In most states that would be attempted murder with a minimum 10 year sentence. However Chicago is filled with judges that pity the criminals and don’t want to send them to prison unless they actually kill or rape someone. This woman was caught on camera shooting down a live street and she only got a misdemeanor. 

Of course liberals still want to stick to their narrative of blaming the guns themselves or a “lack of programs” all while attempted murder in Chicago gets you a stern warning. Totally outrageous.