1000 shot so far this year in Chicago in the unspoken war

Chicago hit the 1000 mark at a pace not seen in decades. 

Why is this not on the CNN homepage? Or Fox News?

The mainstream media continues to look the other way as Chicago slides towards chaos. It is on the same path as Detroit where widespread violence drives out businesses which then depletes an overburdened government of further revenue.

Chicago is not just another US city. It is the shipping and transport hub of the midwest. Chicago O’Hare is the third largest airport in the US. Chicago is city that is vital to the US economy and should not be allowed to degrade into an abandoned shell of a city like Detroit. Violent crime in Black areas needs to be brought under control not just for the city but for the Black people that live there. Iraq is currently a safe place than Chicago. It is outrageous that our media and government continues to ignore what has effectively become a warzone. This war will only get worse unless our media and governments face this unspoken war and the disastrous polices that led to it.



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