Chicago teachers strike despite being highest paid in the nation

Chicago teachers are striking and the mainstream media is again refusing to tell the entire story.

No mention that Chicago teachers are the highest paid in the nation.

No mention that 79 percent of Chicago 8th graders are not proficient in reading.

In what other employment sector would such dismal results be rewarded with the highest pay?

Our mainstream media is woefully corrupt as they do not want to tell the entire story in an attempt to push a pro-union and pro-Democrat agenda. The liberal narrative on education simply falls apart when on the facts are on the table.  Their pleads for “more money” may appeal to emotions of parents but a closer look reveals major problems as seen by the fact that DC schools managed entirely by Democrats spends nearly as much per student as Harvard. Corruption is rife in these East Coast cities and it’s a shame that our mainstream media not only supports this corruption but keeps pertinent facts from the public in an effort to maintain the status quo. If it really is “about the children” then let’s look at all the facts and make the best decision. Trying to deceive the public into a specific point of view by withholding facts is tantamount to fraud. The entire mass media industry is a cesspool of corruption and only the internet has allowed its walls of lies and deception to be breached.


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