Amidst daily gunfire, Chicago Democrats debate plastic bag ban

In the first 10 days of January more than 100 people were shot in Chicago. Where is the mainstream media? It seems they only show up when there is a police shooting.

In the midst of this gunfire, what are local officials there doing with the time allotted to them by taxpayers to improve the city?  What have they deemed to be a priority worth debating? Banning plastic bags of course.

It seems to me that both the MSM and the Democrats that run Chicago are in complete denial of what is happening there. They are debating plastic bags when a more important question is, why would someone want to open a business in Chicago when practically every block was within a mile of a shooting for the month of January? Why are there $1 lots that are within a few miles of the downtown Chicago? Chicago is our 6th largest export market and there are properties that can be bought for pocket change.

The simple reality is that the high levels of violent crime in these areas are scaring off investors which causes further destabilization. Democrats do not like to lock up minority criminals but they need to consider the cost to these areas by basically letting the gangs runs wild. Take a virtual tour of Englewood for yourself to see all of the abandoned store fronts. This is a neighborhood that is about 20 minutes from the downtown.

Mandatory minimums for violent crimes work because they keep the worst criminals off the streets. It really doesn’t matter if they act as a deterrent or not. What matters is that the criminals cannot continue to commit those types crimes while they are incarcerated. Democrats and liberals need to educate themselves on the reality of psychopaths and how some people really are born bad. Liberal assumptions about society being to blame for all individual problems is proving to be naive. The worst criminals need to be identified and removed from society or they will continue to turn neighborhoods like Englewood into war zones.



Chicago shootings up 200%

Chicago shootings are up 200% from last year.

There are dozens of articles on the police shooting video from 2013 but the MSM seems uninterested in reporting on the fact that the city is exploding in violence.

Democrats are still talking about the “gun show loophole” and background checks when a University of Chicago study found that criminals get their guns from friends and family. House Democrats are trying to ban assault rifles even though it is extremely rare for them to be used in homicides when compared to handguns.

When it comes to proposing laws there is clearly a misdirection of focus on the part of Democrats. If they are serious about reducing gun violence then they need to look at where it mostly occurring and how those guns are being acquired.

What we are seeing is the acceptance of anarchy by both political parties and the mainstream media. Democrats especially should be ashamed since they have had total control of this city for decades and yet they are spending legislative time on gun shows that are mostly patronized by rural Whites and rifles rarely used in crimes. Their refusal to face the reality of a warzone in their own jurisdiction is appalling. Sadly the only circumstance that will likely capture the attention of politicians is an exponential increase in violence to where local government services are unable to function.