What is the liberal excuse for the increase in homicides?

Baltimore murders have increased 50% year over year to a new per capita high.

Milwaukee had a 67% increase in homicides which puts it at a level not seen since the 90s.

Washington DC had a 54% increase.

St. Louis had a 50% increase which made it the murder capital of the country.

Liberals in the past have tried to excuse higher than average homicide rates in Black cities with various defenses. Let’s look at how they stack up with this recent data:

  1. Poverty. The catch-all excuse with a poor foundation (can poor people not be moral?) is even more troubling here. None of these cities have had any significant economic changes. The black unemployment rate is actually the lowest since 2007.
  2. Lead poisoning. This excuse has been used for decades and is often cited for the increase in violent crime that occurred in the 90s. Obviously this is a poor excuse for a year over year increase especially given that lead was phased out decades ago. Lead poisoning  is valid environmental concern but this excuse had problems from the beginning which I will cover in an upcoming post.
  3. Availability of guns. Many liberals seem to believe that gun related violence is simply a math equation. But are we supposed to believe that St. Louis had a 50% increase in the gun supply? What about the moral culpability of the shooters? Do liberals believe it exists? The supply theory also doesn’t make sense given that there are states like Alaska that have high gun ownership and yet have low murder rates.
  4. Legacy of slavery. Another catch-all excuse that fails in the current context. Did the legacy increase year over year?

Liberal excuses for violent crime were never that credible in the first place but these recent increases show that liberal explanations are clearly missing some variables. It’s probably time they face the dreaded C word (rhymes with vulture) and consider if some of their government polices from the “Great Society” plans (when is that happening?) have helped or hindered the C word.

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