How to (actually) reduce gun violence in Black communities

The Washington Post recently ran an article entitled How to reduce gun violence even though it didn’t actually contain a solution and just suggested allowing Federal research.

There is actually a simple solution that can easily reduce gun violence in the US.

Since even the liberal Washington Times now acknowledges that gun homicides are overwhelmingly in Black communities it makes sense to target these areas and not pretend that it is a national problem.

The simple solution is to impose curfews in areas like Chicago and Baltimore. Chicago is more dangerous than Iraq so we need to stop pretending that it is a normal city. Looking at a scatter chart of shootings for the last 30 days shows the shocking violence of this city.

It’s a myth that these shootings are all gang related. In fact as I pointed out before in White Chicagoans less violent than French non-Gang shootings by Blacks in Chicago still drastically out number other groups.

Imposing a curfew of 10:00 PM on weekdays for cities like Chicago would achieve the following:

  1. Fewer conflicts by simply reducing street level interactions
  2. Reduced alcohol related shootings
  3. Allow the community to have a quiet period where children will not constantly wake to gunshots

Anyone breaking the curfew without a work permit would be subject to searching which would take more guns off the street.

This would also reduce costs for the city as fewer police would be needed during midnight hours.

A curfew is a cost effective solution that does not compromise the rights of gun owners and is intellectually honest in that it targets gun related violence where it is mainly occurring.

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