A three square mile neighborhood in Chicago has more gun related homicides than Alaska

If more car accidents occurred on a single stretch of a highway than an entire state would it be logical to blame the legalization of cars? Would it make sense to propose banning certain cars that are rarely found on any highway? How would this be a logical political response?

Democrats in Congress might want to look at the racial divergence of gun homicide statistics in America instead of proposing national bans against certain types of rifles . Such a proposal is deceptive and dishonest as it ignores the racial component of gun related homicides.

Extracting from these Chicago shooting statistics reveals that Englewood, a 3 square mile neighborhood in Chicago with a population of 20,000 had 49 homicides.  Alaska has a population of around 750k and yet they had 41 homicides in 2014.

Interestingly Alaska has the highest rate of gun ownership where more than 60% of households own a gun. The theory that the guns themselves cause a higher homicide rate is obviously a myth. If the guns were truly the problem then Alaska should be a warzone.

Democrats that want to reduce gun related homicides need to look at where they are occurring and stop depicting the problem as national. The overwhelming amount of gun related homicides occur in heavily Black cities like Chicago where Democrats have had a political monopoly for decades. The vast majority of these homicides involved a handgun and only rarely is a rifle of any type used. Drafting legislation that ignores the racial component of gun related homicides is intellectually dishonest and undermines efforts to find solutions that actually reduce the problem.

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