Drug legalization debunked in 2 minutes

It’s become popular for both liberal and libertarian journalists to blame the war on drugs for not just drug related problems but also the daily shootings in cities like Chicago and Baltimore.

The basic reasoning behind this position is that strict laws do not discourage drug use and in fact create a black market that invites gangs which then leads to gang warfare.

It sounds reasonable enough until you ask them this basic question:

If strict drug laws cause more problems then they solve, then shouldn’t the countries with the strictest drug laws have the most problems?

They will gleefully respond YES under the assumption that the US has some of the strictest laws and the most problems. What they don’t know is that Singapore has some of the strictest laws in the world along with extremely low drug use rates.

Instead of giving up and legalizing destructive drugs like heroin, pcp and methamphetamine we should actually look at countries that have much lower drug use rates to see what they are doing differently. For Singapore their success has been from stricter laws and not simply giving up and allowing these destructive drugs to be legalized.

One final question: Will liberals and libertarians be volunteering to help out with the inevitable increase in PCP and bath salt attacks that would occur from making these drugs widely available? Are they going to volunteer as Sheriff’s deputies or will they just sit in their homes and let the chaos unfold? I’d bet on the latter.