Baltimore non-gun homicides outnumber all Portland homicides

The mainstream media continues to refer to homicide in Baltimore as gun violence with the implication being that the guns are the underlying problem.

If gun access was truly the problem then shouldn’t gun homicides always outnumber non-gun homicides in cities where population size is the same? Interestingly if you compare the cities of Baltimore, Maryland and Portland, Oregon this is not the case.

Extracting from The Baltimore Sun homicide map we get:
2 murders by asphyxiation
12 by blunt force
32 by stabbing
2 counted as other
= 48 non-gun homicides

During the same period Portland recorded 26 homicides. That’s nearly 50% fewer.

The reflexive position of the mainstream media to refer to Baltimore’s problems as gun violence┬áis disingenuous and shows a refusal to take a deeper look at the prevalence of crime in the area. Even if the guns did not exist the murder rates of these two cities would be wildly different. Furthermore if the guns did not exist it is likely that non-gun homicides would simply increase. The mainstream media needs to drop their dishonest campaign against guns and face the reality of the situation.