Baltimore breaks murder record, where is BLM?

Earlier this year it was reported that Baltimore is deadlier than Detroit and this week the city passed the 300 mark.

So where are the Black Lives Matters protesters? It seems they only come out when it involves a police officer. Currently they are protesting a police shooting in Minnesota even though few details have been released. But it seems facts and details don’t matter to them and neither do Black lives if they are taken by other Blacks.

I’ve seen a some BLM defenders explain their selective protests around the idea that police are getting away with these shootings. But this implies that Black murderers in Baltimore are are not getting away with murder which is false. The clearance rate in Baltimore murders is around 33% which means the majority are getting away with it.  That means around 200 murders have gone unsolved.

So let’s review:

200 murders in Baltimore without a killer brought to justice : No protests.

Shooting of 1 Black person in Minnesota by a police a officer where no one has the details of what happened: Massive protests.