White Chicagoans less violent than French

One of the more curious aspects of the stats on Chicago violence kept at heyjackass.com (can the maintainers please get a better name?) is how few homicides are committed by Whites even though they are the largest racial group.

With only 2 homicides for a population of 1.3 million that puts White Chicagoans not only below the French but also lower than most European countries.

Liberals and the mainstream media constantly make an argument against guns along the basis of Europe doesn’t have guns and look at their low homicide rate.  But if mere access to guns was the underlying cause then shouldn’t the White homicide rate be higher?

Also curious is that Black knife homicides outnumber White gun homicides. Is this a problem of knife access or are the perpetrators actually responsible for their actions in these cases?

Of course this is all too politically correct for even Fox news since it displays the cold hard reality of the race factor in Chicago homicides.

Liberals at this point will suggest that these statistics are simply a reflection of poverty and Blacks are simply more likely to be poor. Beyond the fact that there are plenty of third world cities that are less violent than Chicago, the main problem with this theory is that it implies these homicides are all related to economics.

From this Chicago police report we can see that non-gang shootings by Blacks are still significantly higher than other racial groups. Using both stat sources we can see that Black homicides related to domestic disputes alone outnumber all Hispanic homicides. Or in other words even if Black gangs went on vacation there would still be more non-gang Black homicides than gang related Hispanic homicides. Chicago Black simply shoot at each other for all kinds of reasons and these shootings cannot be merely brushed away as gang activity.

This is of course problematic for simplistic liberal explanations of poverty and guns that we see in the mainstream media. Pointing to Europe as a model is a childish and ignorant response by individuals that are unwilling to face the problem in its entirety. If guns were truly the problem then gun homicide rates by White Chicagoans should be far higher. If poverty was truly the problem then random killings should be a component of every poor country. It is simply not normal in third world countries for city workers to be randomly killed while working. Chicago violence is not the result of some simple gun and poverty formula. You do not deserve to call yourself a journalist or political analyst if you do not have the fortitude to face this reality. If you are a journalist then it is your job to ask the difficult questions. Of course our mainstream media is filled with cowardly egalitarians that prefer lies and childish excuses to honest analysis and I do not expect that to change anytime soon.

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